3 Essential Features of A Child Resistant Glass Bottle

3 Essential Features of A Child Resistant Glass Bottle

3 Essential Features of A Child Resistant Glass Bottle


It’s essential for child safety that dangerous substances be stored in the appropriate packaging. Packaging that is child-resistant, or that prevents children from accessing the contents within, will have certain features that allow adults access, but prevent children from doing so. Dropper bottles, for example, must be child-resistant if you hope to keep dangerous chemicals out of a child’s mouth, eyes, and skin.

There are essential features that make certain glass bottles safe enough to keep your children out of harm’s way.

The Rules for a Child Resistant Glass Bottle

Child-resistant packaging typically is aimed at preventing children younger than 52 months of age from opening and accessing the droppers, liquids, or other substances inside. The bottles should be re-closable, but difficult to open. For instance, Cosmo round plastic bottles and glass bottles may have a nozzle or pump that is extremely difficult to remove, even for adults. This is designed to keep a harmful substance safely bottled inside.

Major Features

Child resistance will play to a child’s lack of strength, advanced motor skills, or the knowledge to determine how to open an intentionally confusing cap. For example, glass bottles that have push and turn caps cannot be opened like most other bottlecaps. A combined downward and rotating force must be applied. This is something that a child may have difficulty doing, unless you show them how to do so. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do this.

While there aren’t child resistant bottles or container materials that are impervious to being opened, there are child resistant caps and lids. There are also child-resistant seals. For instance, a glass bottle may have a paper and aluminum lid, which must be opened to access medications or cleaning supplies inside. Children under 52 weeks of age have soft fingernails, which cannot puncture these reinforced seals.

Finding Packaging

If you intend to store products that are hazardous to children in any amount, like cleaning supplies, or hazardous in excess, like medications and certain foods, then you should resort to child-resistant glass bottles for secure, sealed storage. Glass dropper bottles can be ordered online for a variety of industrial and retail uses.

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