3 Industries Where Polystyrene Products are Useful

3 Industries Where Polystyrene Products are Useful

3 Industries Where Polystyrene Products are Useful


Polystyrene Plastic offers a clear, simple and elegant look to your product packaging. This material is perfect for a varied amount of products such as balms, extracts, oils, serums, and waxes. In addition, clear polystyrene containers show off your product from all angles making sure it stays in the spotlight. Therefore, with both jar and cap included, polystyrene containers create an airtight seal that keeps contents inside the Jar protected and fresh from outside elements. Wherever you go these clear jars are the ideal travel companion for you or your consumers.

Polystyrene products provide a glass-like look in a plastic container. It also works well as an oxygen barrier to safeguard your products’ moisture and freshness. Therefore, keep distillates, extracts, and essential oils at their freshest with this non-stick material – perfect for products that may have a waxy buildup or a hard composite such as makeup foundation or deodorants.

You can use our products in many different industries. The 3 industries that have high popularity using these polystyrene containers are Cannabis, Hemp & CBD, Cosmetic, and Personal Care. They are popular in the fact that they provide great protection to a product at a minimal cost.

FH Packaging Polystyrene Products

Polystyrene Plastic Jar

Here at FH Packaging, we have two products made out of polystyrene plastic. We offer a Clear Polystyrene Plastic Jar with Clear Lid that comes as a 5 or 10-gram container. These work great for concentrated products in the Hemp and Cosmetic industries. You can pair these polystyrene plastic jars with hemp-related products such as resins, oils, wax, hash, CBD crystals, and powder.

Uses for this polystyrene plastic jar in the cosmetic industry would include creams, oils, and foundation powder. In addition, they come with clear screw-top polystyrene concentrates containers that offer the most cost-effective way to show off your products. The rigidity of these crystal clear containers protects your product, while the tight seal keeps out oxygen and maintains freshness. 

Twist-Up Deodorant Tube with White Screw Cap and Disc

Our White Twist-Up Deodorant Tubes includes a White Screw Cap and White Polystyrene Disc. The whole housing on this deodorant container is made of rigid polystyrene plastic while the inner cover disk is a crystal clear polystyrene disc. This helps protect the cover of your deodorant products while still offering clear visibility as to what is inside. In addition, it features a rotatable base that twists. With this functionality, it connects to the inner PP stem that Propels and Repels the push mold (This is NOT a Push Tube). Similarly, this deodorant container twists up and down like a Lip Balm Container.

Above All, these Twist-Up Deodorant Tubes are a great product for any personal care products such as deodorants, sunscreens, and solid perfumes. Our Deodorant containers come in white, but if you have a larger vision for the packaging of your product. We have the tools and capabilities of bringing that idea to life with our own graphic design team in house. We are able to provide white labeling services to screen print and design your idea to present to customers.

Since we are a division of Wolfgang Manufacturing, Not only can we help with the look of your product, we can completely design you a new container. Be sure to contact us through phone, email, or LiveChat to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

Be sure to visit the product Twist-Up Deodorant Tube product page for direction on how to use and filling instructions.

Polystyrene Products in Hemp and CBD

10g Clear Polystyrene Plastic Jar with Lid (Set)

Polystyrene concentrate jars have become popular in the Hemp and CBD industry since the making of synthetic CBD and THC oil. These are top concentrate containers known for the fact that they are made of crystal clear plastic with a crystal clear lid, which makes it a great presentation container to show the rich color of any resin. This makes them a highly sought product by many dispensaries and brands. Polystyrene products are a convenient, stylish, and cost-effective package for your high-end products. You will not be disappointed in the security of this product, once you close the screw top lid, it helps lock out oxygen with an airtight seal.

We offer two sizes in polystyrene plastic jars that come in either a 5 gram or 10-gram jar. Display up to 10 grams of crumble, wax, budder in our clear container. Polystyrene products have a non-sticking surface, therefore, you will not have to be struggling to reach the last drop of product left in your container.

We have a minimal selection of concentrate packaging but we can customize these products to enhance your brand awareness with special services such as screen printing. Be sure to call or email us for more information on custom orders.

Polystyrene Products in the Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry has a huge market for the use of these polystyrene plastic jars. As mentioned above, they provide great protection and great visibility to the product at hand. These provide a better showcase ability to make up brands wanting to showcase the different colored makeup palettes they are marketing. The clear visibility allows for many businesses within the makeup industry to use these small containers as samples to hand out to potential clients.

Makeup foundation and compacts fit great within our container and have great security with the airtight seal. In addition, these containers are so small they fit in any jean pocket and in the palm of your hand, which makes them great portable products for any customers. For instance, many brands can use these polystyrene jars to fit pocket-sized face creams for on-the-go use.

If you would like a customized order to fit the marketing of your cosmetic brand, be sure to reach out to us through call, email, or LiveChat down below.

Polystyrene Products in the Personal Care Industry

75g White Twist Up Deodorant Tube with White Screw Cap and Disc

Polystyrene products are great for business within the personal care industry as they offer hard rigid security to wax and balms. Polystyrene products make for a perfect outer shell for products such as our Twist-Up Deodorant Tubes that have a white outer shell. Our deodorant containers have a higher-end feel when you hold them in your hand, compared to other plastic deodorant containers. Our deodorant almost has a metallic-like look and feel to them. These Twist-Up Deodorant containers are great for more personal care products such as deodorant waxes, rub on sunscreens, and solid perfumes.

Our deodorant tubes come in a white and leave it as a blank canvas for your ideas to fill if you would like a personal quote on custom order be sure to call, email, or chat with us down below.

FH Packaging Polystyrene Products

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