4 Ways to Use a Dropper Bottle

FH Packaging 4 Ways to Use a Dropper Bottle

4 Ways to Use a Dropper Bottle

A Dropper bottle has a lot of uses. More often than not, they’re used to help distribute liquids like essential oils, but their uses go far beyond that. Because of that, you should never throw these bottles away but repurpose it. Here are four ways dropper bottles can be used beyond their original purpose.

CBD Oils

If you use CBD, chances are better than average that you have used either a cartridge, a vape, or a (you guessed it) dropper bottle. Some people struggle with their CBD Oils when they become too thick and the viscosity becomes too harsh, Dropper bottles can help avoid that. If you have light sensitive compounds, colored bottles can protect from UV rays that can potentially cause oxidation, reduce shelf life, and change the color and taste of your product. Dropper bottles also provide precise and easy dispensing than traditional open-ended or nozzle bottles, which means you can mete out your CBD oil with precision, avoiding waste, saving money and eliminating spills.

Massage Oils

If you give massages, you know how difficult it can be to have dispense and work around multiple open bottles of oils. Droppers make this much easier. You can even pre-mix your oils and have them ready to go once you start your massage session. Additionally, it lets you dispense exactly the amount of oil you want to without releasing too much, saving oils and avoiding a mess.

Essential Oil Blends

If you have a concoction of blended essential oils, dropper bottles let you pre-mix and keep that mixture on hand for when you want it. That alleviates having to mix right when you want to enjoy or utilize the oils. Imagine the next time you have a headache and want that essential oil blend to head it off. Instead of having to concentrate on getting the mixture blended correctly, you just have to shake and use the dropper to apply the oils.


If you have any type of skin condition that needs the application of oils to help treat or soothe, dropper bottles are your answer. Whether you store medication in them or oils to help address symptoms, these bottles let you treat your condition when you want, easily and with no mess.

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