5 Best Jars and Glass Bottles for Beard Oil Products

Best Jars and Glass Bottles for Beard Oil Products

5 Best Jars and Glass Bottles for Beard Oil Products

In observance of National Beard Day which takes place on September 4th. We wanted to give a small lineup of some of the best packaging products for beard upkeep and growth. Many men use their facial hair as an extension of their fashion and will gladly spend the money on providing the upkeep their manly stubble needs. Most people think facial hair does not need any extended product, but it needs just as much attention as the beautiful mane you keep on top of your head. This is where many companies have produced their flagship beard oils, fragrances, creams, paste, conditioners, and shampoo. 

When a person thinks of beard products, they automatically think beard oil in the little small glass tincture bottle with the protruding dropper. Many companies do start off marketing their beard oils with our standard boston round glass bottles for beard oil products, and some companies have venture into Jars for creams, paste, and powders. Well, here at FH Packaging we are your go-to for all your Beard Product Packaging needs.

Some of the best products for your beard entails oils, creams, waxes, balms, and tonics. You can see some of the top beard products being sold here on GQ’s 15 Best Beard Grooming Products

We have listed a couple of products below to get you started on your beard business journey. We want to see growth in your beard business just as much as you would like to see growth with your clients.

Glass Bottles for Beard Oils

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Here at FH Packaging, you have the choice of options for your beard oil products, We not only provide you with the standard choice of an Amber Boston Round Bottle but we have many different color variants from Matte Black, White, Opal, and one of the new industry favorites, Frosted Amber. We have all of our boston round glass bottles for beard oils from 0.5 oz to 4 oz, this gives you a chance to send clients sample sizes of your beard oil and many different fragrances. You also have the ability to color coordinate with our glass bottles by fragrance or ingredients. 

We provide many different color variants but our glass bottles for beard oil are not only meant to look stylish. Our glass bottles for beard oil provide great UV Protection which gives your oils a long shelf life. We know many oils are viable to sunlight and with our packaging, it helps prolong and reduce overhead costs of expiring products. Some beard oils can be more sensitive than others such as vegan or plant-based oils. But our bottles provide the necessary protection for all types.

Pair our Boston Round Glass bottles for beard oil with our new and improved Baked Graduated Glass Droppers, which have a higher viscosity resistant printing on the pipette. Therefore, This helps your client produce the respected amount of beard oil onto their person. Our glass droppers come in many different types of colors and plastic closures, in which they can be Child Resistant or Tamper Evident. You can mix and match our boston round glass bottles for beard oil with our glass droppers to find the perfect match for your product’s look.

Jars for Beard Balms

Best Jars and Glass Bottles for Beard Oil Products

Once you see success with your beard oils! You can venture into producing Beard Balms, Creams, and Waxes. Many of our clients have utilized our Polypropylene Plastic Jars and Amber Glass Straight Sided Jars as their premium packaging for beard creams. The best features about both of our jars are they enclose freshness by trapping oxygen inside and keeping air out of your beard balms. You can match our Boston Round Glass Bottle with one of our Amber Glass Jars to feature your premium beard product line. Our polypropylene plastic jars only come in white but provide a pleasingly white aesthetic cream look, which goes great when paired with some black labels.

Our polypropylene plastic jar works great with protecting your products against sunlight, falls higher than 6 feet, and an airtight seal. The double-wall feature within our jar helps protect your beard creams from any breakage on a fall. In addition, the sturdy base within the double wall plastic jar help solidifies denser beard products such as waxes, balms, and gels. Therefore, helps create that suction your product needs in order to be kept in place when being moved in transit or on the shelf.

Pair our plastic jars and glass jars with some of our (PS) Pressure Seales lids, which help improve the shelf life on your beard cream. If you are trying to cut costs on your packaging budget, we also have our plastic lids with regular foam liner, which still helps seal in the freshness of your beard waxes on every close.

Packaging for Beard Oils and Products

In conclusion, here at FH Packaging, we uphold ourselves in providing not only the best packaging but also the best customer service response as well. All of our Account Managers who are here to assist you, are able to answer any questions you might have had answered here in our blog post regarding Beard Oils and products. With a combined 90 years of experience in the packaging industry, we are able to provide you the jars and glass bottles for beard oil that require the most delicacy when it comes to ingredients and presentation.

Feel free to email us at customercare@fhpkg.com or Call (951)-848-7680

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