7 Examples of Lids for PCR Packaging

7 Examples of Lids for PCR Packaging

7 Examples of Lids for PCR Packaging

It is estimated that the U.S. produces 380 million tons of plastic each year. Single-use plastics are an especially prevalent factor of this number. With plastic waste becoming a growing problem in landfills and waterways, it is necessary to seek out alternatives to plastic packaging that can be recycled and reused.

This is where PCR Packaging comes in. PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycled, meaning that it is made out of recycled materials. PCR packaging reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills by utilizing existing plastic waste to make new packages and containers for consumer goods.

But PCR packaging doesn’t just entail the container, companies use PCR to manufacture a variety of lids, which we will discuss further in this article.

PCR Packaging

PCR packaging is common for plastic materials, but it can also come from aluminum, cardboard, and paper. It is important to create materials that incorporate a high percentage of recycled content to maintain a stronger PCR package.

PCR in packaging can often become weaker through the recycling process. Combining new high-quality resins with recycled material can create a sturdier product for re-use.

These materials are particularly popular in PCR cosmetic packaging, skincare, essential oils, and CBD. PCR plastic packaging can be especially useful in the manufacturing of a variety of lids for the storage of cosmetics, lotions, cannabis products, food, powders, creams, and more.

Here are 7 examples of PCR lids in packaging.

1. White 58-400 PP Ribbed Skirt Lid with Foam Liner

A white plastic ribbed lid with a polyethylene foam liner. It is an ideal liner material designed to line the inside of the metal, glass, and plastic containers. Creates a strong seal.

Odor-free and pulp dust-free. Resistant to household cosmetics and aqueous products, as well as to alkalis, acids, alcohol, oils, and solvents. So they are ideal for the packaging and storage of cosmetic products.

Not recommended for use with hydrocarbon solvents. Fits neck size 58-400.

Available in Heat Induction Sealed Liner and Pressure-Sensitive Liner.

2. 50-400 Black Child-Resistant (PDT Outer Text Instruction) Smooth Skirt Lid with Foam Liner

This black child-resistant lid contains a smooth skirt made of PP marked polyethylene which gives it a high resistance to melting in heat up to 320º and good fatigue resistance. It features the “Push Down and Turn” text embossed in the top, requiring the top to be pushed down and rotated counterclockwise to open. Smooth sides create an elegant appearance.

Child-Resistant to keep contents safe from children. Helps limit exposure to oxygen to keep items fresher longer. Meets state compliance for use with hemp and marijuana products.

Good fit for any glass jars with a 50-400 neck size.

3. 89-400 White Ribbed Skirt Lid with (UHIS) Heat Seal Liner

This white ribbed skirt cap with foam liner includes a Universal Heat Induction Seal, ideal for use with personal care and cosmetic products. The Heat Induction Seal creates an airtight seal on the container when used properly.

Made of polypropylene marked PP that resists heat up to 320º Fahrenheit and has good fatigue resistance. Fits any 12oz and 16oz glass jars with 89-400 neck size. Non-child-resistant polyethylene cap.

Universal Heat Induction Seal liner is compatible with all products.

4. 89-400 Black Ribbed Skirt Lid with (HIS) Heat Seal Liner

The black ribbed skirt lid features a Heat Induction Seal liner. It is made of polypropylene plastic. Creates an airtight seal when used properly on the container.

A black plastic screw top lid prevents tampering with a heat-sealed aluminum liner which seals out oxygen and moisture. Ideal for soaps, sanitizers, and lotions. With an aluminum foil-coated liner on one side and foam on the other side.

Heat resistant up to 320º Fahrenheit and good fatigue resistance. Fits 89-400 neck size containers.

5. Black 89-400 PP Smooth Skirt Lid with (PS) Pressure-Sensitive Liner

This black smooth skirt lid features a pressure-sensitive liner. Made of polypropylene plastic, the smooth skirt cap creates an airtight seal. Odor resistant and pulp dust-free.

Pressure-sensitive liners have a recommended shelf-life of 6 months. The cap should not be removed for 24 hours once it is first applied to the container to ensure a proper bond. Adhesive coated foam seal and release coating on the opposite side that will not come into contact with contents.

Recommended for use with powders and dry products, pressure liners are not for use with liquid. Fits containers with neck size of 89-400.

6. 89-410 PP Black Smooth Skirt Lid with (HIS) Heat Induction Seal Liner

This black smooth skirt lid is made out of polypropylene plastic (PP) with a Heat Induction Seal liner. Also available with a Polyethylene (PE) Foam Liner or Pressure-Sensitive (PS) Liner. Best for personal care products and cosmetics.

Equipped with a heat-sealed aluminum liner to prevent tampering with the product. Seals out moisture and oxygen to create an airtight seal. For 12oz. and 16oz. glass jars with neck size 89-410.

An aluminum-coated liner adheres to polystyrene foam. Heat induction seals can be used for Polyethylene, PVC, PP, and PET plastics. Heat Induction Seals (HIS) are not appropriate for oil-containing products and High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) plastics made from petroleum.

7. 45-400 White PP Smooth Skirt Lid with Liner

A white smooth skirt lid with foam liner. Constructed of (PP) polypropylene plastic. Available with (HIS) Heat Induction Seal liner, (PS) Pressure Seal liner, (PE) Polyethylene liner, or (UHIS) Universal Heat Induction Seal liner.

Provides an airtight seal when used properly. Fits jars and bottles with 45-400 neck size. Fatigue resistant and heat resistant up to 320º Fahrenheit.

PCR Packaging for Future Sustainability

PCR plastic packaging is a crucial solution to an increasing issue of plastic waste in landfills. Through its use, we can now give many one-time-use plastic products a second life and enhance the longevity of plastic materials.

PCR lids are multifunctional, resilient, and eco-friendly alternatives. FH Packaging has an extensive catalog of PCR packaging available, including lids to fit a variety of containers. From food storage to cosmetics and personal care products, you’ll find exactly what you need at FH Packaging to seal the deal.

Visit our website or Contact Us today for all your PCR packaging needs and see the difference.

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