FH Packaging utilizes highly technical and specialized processes in manufacturing packaging solutions. Injection Blow Molding, spray-coating and custom mold creation are just a few of what FH Packaging’s full capacity.

Blow Molding

A manufacturing process in where hollow plastic containers are formed. Within this process we are able to customize our plastic bottles into any shape your business requires.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a similar type of blow molding process that is used to create hollow plastic or glass containers in large quantities. For times when your business has the need to place a large order, you can count on FH Packaging with this expedience.

Spray Coating

Spray Coating

FH Packaging uses a powder coating technique to add UV protection and to create custom colors for glass containers. For sensitive products, the UV protection we coat onto our bottles ensures the safety of your product packaged inside.

Custom Mold Creation

Custom container designs can be applied to create custom packaging solutions. FH Packaging can assist your business in launching products that look unique compared to others in the industry, making it certain to catch consumer’s attention.

FH Packaging Bottle Manufacturing Molds