Glass Bottles and Droppers with Your Small Business

Glass Bottles and Droppers with your business CDB Hemp Oil Extract

Glass Bottles and Droppers with Your Small Business

There are many advantages of using our premium glass bottles and droppers in conjunction with your business. At FH Packaging we love connecting with clients who are just starting their own business. Do you need to know if our products are BPA Free or Food Safe? You can contact one of our account managers or online customer care agents for any questions you may have about our packaging. 

Below we will show you some of the advantages of carrying your product within our glass bottles and droppers, mainly focusing on businesses such as CBD & Hemp, Medicinal Healthcare, Essential Oils, and Beard Oils.

Glass Dropper Bottles

Glass Bottles and Droppers have been a staple in today’s packaging industry. They are a crucial piece to businesses such as Beard Oils, Essential Oils, CBD, Fragrances, and more. We are here today to view how our glass bottles and droppers can help you start your small businesses. They may look similar but the Boston Round Bottle and Euro Round do have significant differences, which we will explain later.

We will also look into four main business types that use the Boston Round bottle to carry their flagship product such as CBD & Hemp, Medicinal, Essential Oils, and Beard Oils.

Boston Round Glass Bottles

The main difference between the Boston Round Glass Bottles and Euro Round Glass Bottle is that the Boston Round has a more round notch, while the Euro Round has a tapered down notch. (More on the Euro Round Below). This also gives the Boston Round an advantage with more Neck Size options ranging from 18 – 34.

The neck size of the Boston Round Glass Bottle depends on 2 numbers for example a 20-400. The first number is 20, represents the diameter in millimeters (mm) of the bottle’s neck size. The second number is 400, which represents the thread count of the bottle. The higher this number is, the taller the neck of the bottle and vice versa.

We here at FH Packaging carry Boston Round Glass Bottles in Bulk. We carry sizes from a small as 0.5 ounces up to 16-ounce bottles. We are one of the industry leaders in Boston round glass bottles wholesale suppliers. We also are direct manufacture from our parent company, Wolfgang Technology, so if you need a custom Boston round glass bottle that requires a special touch in color, size, and shape. Go ahead and give us a call.

Euro Round Glass Bottles

As explained above, our Euro Round Glass Bottles have a tapered notch different from the Boston Round Glass Bottles. This tapered notch allows the Euro Round Glass Bottles to hold on to the Tamper Evident Ring that some of our plastic and glass droppers have attached. This tamper-evident seal helps assure final consumers that their product has not been tampered with by any outside party up until the point of purchase.

One more key difference is that Euro Round Glass Bottles have only one neck size, which is an 18-DIN Neck. All sizes ranging from 10ml up to 240ml will have a neck size of 18-DIN. You can view more of our euro round glass bottle wholesale inventory below, with the matching tamper evident seal droppers. If you need more assistance, feel free to talk to one of our live chat agents below.

They will be happy to pair you with the best Glass Bottles and Droppers you would need for your business.

Glass Bottles and Droppers with Your Business

CBD & Hemp Oil Business

Glass Bottles and Droppers with your business CDB Hemp Oil Extract
Glass Bottles and Droppers Hemp Oil Extract

CBD & Hemp has been a revolutionary industry these past 5 years, and according to Grand View Research, “The global cannabidiol market was valued at USD 4.6 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.2% from 2019 to 2025.” Most of our E-liquid clients have made the transition over to CBD Hemp Oils and the transition has been as easy as possible.

Our Boston Round Glass Bottles have had a huge impact in the CBD Hemp Oil Business, when in use with our amber Boston round dropper bottles. This helps the CBD hemp oils shelf life increase significantly. If you would like to keep the CBD Hemp oil away from children, you can keep it enclosed with our child-resistant glass droppers.

What is CBD & Hemp Oil?

As CBD and Hemp do derive from the same plant, they do have common similarities and big differences as well. Some of the most common similarities are that they both come from the Sativa cannabis plant. In addition, both are non-toxic and can be ingested or applied topically. You can read more about the differences and similarities between CBD and Hemp Oil more in context at NuLeaf Naturals.


CBD oil is derived from the cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant.CBD is extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stems. Instead of the seeds, CBD oil can be extracted through several methods, including carbon dioxide, ethanol, and even olive oil. The extraction method can play a part in the quality of CBD oil.


Hemp oil or hempseed oil is what it sounds like: oil that’s been extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp variety of the cannabis Sativa plant. To extract the oil, hemp seeds are pressed and bottled or further processed and refined before bottling. Hemp oil is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and protein.

Medicinal Oils

Glass Bottles and Droppers with Your Small Business Ear Relief Rx Medicine
Glass Bottles and Droppers Ear Relief Rx Medicine

When you pair our Glass Bottles and Droppers, you can be assured that you will be dispensing the appropriate amount through our pipettes. Specifically, if you use our Graduated Glass Droppers to  dispensing liquid based medicine.

To make our glass bottles and droppers completely safe and fit for storing medicine, glass packages go through a range of safety procedures before it’s completely guaranteed that it will not be a danger to consumers.

The types of glass used is either NF or USP glass which is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry and is subjected to a number of tests before it’s certified safe to be used in your prescription packaging. Interestingly, tests aren’t carried out on another packaging, including plastic trays.

These important tests include a water attack test which helps to work out the chemical resistance, this measures the strength of the glass and how it potentially may react with chemicals, such as the kind found in pharmaceutical products. A ‘powdered glass’ test may also be carried out, which will also discover the resistance of the glass when in contact with chemicals. This test will measure how much alkaline the glass contains and also measures how much of the following compounds are released.

  • Silicate
  • Borate
  • Sodium
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Lead

Be sure to reach out to one of our LiveChat agents for any certifications you might require for your business.

Essential Oils

Glass Bottles and Droppers with Your Small Business Essential Oils Oil
Glass Bottles and Droppers Essential Oils

Our Euro Dropper glass bottles are classic bottles in the packaging industry due to their distinctive characteristics. The specific characteristic that differentiates this bottle from others, is it has a threaded neck to hold tamper evident seals when attached. Pair this bottle with one of our glass droppers and you are ready to display the use of your essential oils product.

Our bottles come in clear or colored such as Amber, Cobalt Blue, Green, Frosted, and many more. Having a colored bottle not only appeals to the eye but helps block UV rays from deteriorating beneficial ingredients. Our glass bottles and droppers have an extremely high resistance to heat and cold. Therefore, glass bottles make it an ideal use for plant extracts and aromatherapy.

To view more on starting your Essential Oils Business view Wellness Advocated Distillery for a good step by step guide on starting your Essential Oils Business.

Be sure to view more of our euro round glass bottles wholesale inventory below.

Beard Oils

Glass Bottles and Droppers with Your Small Business Beard Oil
Glass Bottles and Droppers Beard Oil

Here at FH Packaging, you have the choice of options for your beard oil products, We not only provide you with the standard choice of an Amber Boston Round Bottle but we have many different color variants from Matte Black, White, Opal, and one of the new industry favorites, Frosted Amber.

We have all of our Boston round glass bottles for beard oils from 0.5 oz to 4 oz, this gives you a chance to send clients sample sizes of your beard oil and many different fragrances. You also have the ability to color coordinate with our glass bottles and droppers by fragrance or ingredients. 

We provide many different color variants but our glass bottles and droppers for beard oil are not only meant to look stylish. Our glass bottles and droppers for beard oil provide great UV Protection which gives your oils a long shelf life. We know many oils are viable to sunlight and our packaging, it helps prolong and reduce overhead costs of expiring products. Some beard oils can be more sensitive than others such as vegan or plant-based oils. But our bottles provide the necessary protection for all types.

Pair our Boston Round Glass bottles for a beard oil with our new and improved baked graduated Glass Droppers, which have a higher viscosity resistant printing on the pipette. Therefore, this helps your client produce the respected amount of beard oil onto their person. Our glass bottles and droppers come in many different types of colors and plastic closures, in which they can be Child Resistant or Tamper Evident.

You can mix and match our Boston round glass bottles for a beard oil with our glass droppers to find the perfect match for your product’s look.

If you are looking for Beard Oil Bottles and Packaging, feel free to start with us. If you would like to know a step by step guide on how to start a beard oil business. Check out Greg Beckers Blog on how he started his own Beard Oil Business Northwest Beard Supply LLC.

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