Glass Tincture Bottles: Mini Alcoholic Bottles


Glass Tincture Bottles: Mini Alcoholic Bottles

Many of our clients who utilize our small glass tincture bottles are in different industries ranging from essential oils, cosmetics, skincare, and hemp packaging. But recently we had an order for our Boston Round Glass Bottles that blew our mind away and did not know this could be used for this certain industry. We had an order of Boston Round Glass Bottles to fulfill mini alcoholic bottles for a small-town brewery located here at our home base in southern California. We quickly realized how many other companies and big players utilize these small Boston round glass bottles for alcohol. This is why we have listed some of the benefits they laid out for us on why they decided to buy our wholesale small glass bottles for their business.

Benefits of Using Small Glass Tincture Bottles for Alcohol

Our client decided to use Boston round glass bottles for their cock’s tail fine homemade mixers for the reason below.

Filling with Ease

Our client explained that they still use traditional bottle beer bottles but they say the transition from filling beer bottles to small glass bottles is no hard feat at all. They use a traditional beer gun to manually fulfill the day’s orders and the process is no different at all, you are just working with a smaller container to fill.

The Boston Round Bottles have recently come in style with many new businesses producing kombucha drinks. The origin of the Boston round bottles originally started as a container to house pharmaceuticals, its features of preserving the product inside and blocking UV light, are what keep the bottle in demand by many businesses. This is why switching over to the Boston round into mini alcoholic bottles is a great choice

You can read the entire history of the Boston round bottle on Silver Spurs website

Taste Testing with Small Liquor Bottles

Our client chose to use the bottle as a sampler to hand out to clients during events and even taste over the bar for customers to try. Our bottles range from 1 oz to 32 ounces, 8 oz are great for filling drinks with an alcohol percentage lower than 8.0% according to the NIH.

New Aesthetic for Homebrew Bottles

Our client says they are the talk of the town with social media engagement rising! The aesthetic of the Boston round bottle is pleasing with its round corners and perfect amber beer bottle color. Switching over to the Boston round bottle gave our client a new brand appearance that separated them from other local breweries who use either traditional bottles or aluminum beer cans.

The colors on the Boston round can be customizable without compromising the integrity of the UV protection.

From Growler to Dropper Bottles

Our client made the switch from filling small growler bottles to our 32 oz Boston round bottle and they said sales since the switch have gone up a significant percentage. Not only has it raised their average revenue sold for 32 oz drinks, but also helps their bottom line.

An average 32 oz Growler bottle can cost anywhere near $2.50 to $3.00 dollars a bottle. Our 32 oz Bottles are half the cost, and our account managers can negotiate pricing to help you when buying in bulk.

You can view our selection of Glass Containers below.

Home & Business Brewery Glass Bottles

Clear Frosted
Cobalt Blue
$0.33 - $1.54 / Price Per Unit

Beer Bottles Wholesale

Overall, We are glad we could help this local brewery, and it’s always great to receive feedback such as this. We want to have more success and case studies such as them.

If you would like to receive a wholesale quote for our Boston Round Glass Bottles. Call (951)-848-7680

If you would like a sample order anything below a case, You can view the bottles above and order straight from our website

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