Hemp Packaging

Fresh Seal Cannabis Packaging

Fresh Seal

Keep scents hidden inside with our seal proof containers. Great for concealing the scents of flower.

Tamper Evident Seal

Protective Seal

Reassure client safety with our tamper evident seals. Keep product secure until it reaches your clients.

Protective Child Resistant Shield

Child Resistant

Secure children’s safety against THC and Hemp products with our Child Resistant Closures.

Cannabis Packaging UV Protective Seal

UV Protection

Keep product fresh against sunlight with our UV Safe colored containers.

Featured Products

We offer a broad range of specialty packaging options for the evolving and expanding Hemp industry. We have choices to hold your flowers, extracts, resins, oils and more. Browse our collection of packaging solutions that will help your product stay safe, fresh, and potent. Choose from a wide selection of our hemp containers to meet the unique state guidelines and regulations for the hemp packaging industry. Browse below our hemp packaging below. If we do not have something you are looking for feel free to request a quote and we will work to the best of ability to help you find the best hemp packaging for you.

Amber Boston Round Dropper Bottle with Black Graduated CRC Dropper

Glass Bottles

Our Glass Bottles makes a great choice for packaging due to its high clarity. It can also be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, and has extremely high resistance to heat and cold. Therefore, glass bottles are ideal for storing oils, extracts, and even edibles. Our Glass Containers come in many different colors. Darker colors make it an ideal container to protect oils from burning in heat. Clear colors make it an ideal showcase style packaging to properly present your oils, edibles, and many more products.

Glass Straight Sided Jar with Black Cap with PS Liner


Our Jars come in either Plastic or Glass and make for a great hemp packaging container, depending on your preference. Show off your hemp flower, Hemp & THC Edibles in with our jars. We have caps to come paired with our jars. They feature PS Liners to help keep odors and freshness of hemp flower sealed inside the container. They also feature child resistant and tamper evident caps to make sure your THC & Hemp product is not tampered with. Browse below to store your THC and Hemp products with our glass jars, caps, and liners.

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3 Industries Where Polystyrene Products are Useful

Concentrate Jars

Looking for something to hold your wax, hash, oil, or resin? Glass Concentrate Jars are perfect for hemp packaging for concentrates due to their stable thick base. Keep distillates, extracts, and oils at their freshest with this non-stick jar – perfect for products that may have a waxy buildup. Wherever you go these inconspicuous jars are the ideal travel companion for you or your consumers. The best feature is the gently sloped sides to pool into the flat center bottom for easy take out. No corners are in these jars that could lose any extract which is perfect for sampling!

30 ml Mini Airless Pump Cannabis Industry Page

Airless Pump

As the hemp industry keeps evolving, so do the products. Airless pumps have become really popular with foams, creams, and lotions that use Hemp and THC. Our airless pump plastic bottles are a great alternative choice to traditional dispensing bottles and can give your product the sleek look you need! The Airless feature makes dispensing effortless. In other words, using an Airless Pump requires no tubing to be inserted into the bottle. Therefore, this leaves no doubt about never being able to get the last drop of product out of the bottle.


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Roll on Glass Bottles

30 ml Clear Glass Roll on Bottles

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