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Here at FH Packaging we work closely with businesses to provide them the best help and support to succeed in their ventures.

Quality and affordability are two difficult traits in today’s business industry – we strive to defy that statement. We at FH Packaging understand the customer’s needs and provide products of high value at a cost-efficient price. Our mission is to supply our clients with excellent packaging with the expectation to assist in the success of their businesses.

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At FH Packaging we want to make sure our business relationship works logistically, financially, and quality. With 7 locations all over the world, We will find the best type of transportation that works with you at the best cost. As a Direct Manufacturer we offer some of the most flexible pricing in the industry.


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Receive an in depth consultation analysis with one of our packaging specialists to see if our requirements match one another. We would love to become your permanent supplier and we will be sure that we are a good fit for one another. Contact one of our packaging specialist today.


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We will keep your companies needs first, with accurate projection on when and where you will need your products. Contract us in being your permanent supplier and we will have a positive flow of incoming stock being stored at one of our closest facilities. Ready to be shipped to you at a moments notice

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Top Packaging Company - FH Packaging in the Inc. 5000

Inc.5000 Wholesale and Distribution Company

Thanks to our Wonderful clients and personnel here at FH Packaging. We got the honor of being awarded one of the Top 5000 growing companies in the world by Inc. Magazine.

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Family Owned Direct Manufacture

Wolfgang Enterprises opened its doors in 2002 and has grown to be one of the most efficient manufacturing facilties in the Zhejiang province in all aspect of plastic manufacturing.

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