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With having our own manufacturing facility in China, this gives our company the advantage of having the ability to confirm the quality of our products. In manufacturing, this to us means a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects and significant differences. We have a strict commitment to industry standards that achieve consistency of products in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements.


FH Packaging uses high-quality, extremely strong. incredibly light, non-toxic PET and PE in our manufacturing process. Our packaging solutions are 16CFR1700.20 complaint with Child Resistant and Tamper Evident regulations as well as TPD Compliant with ISO 8317 Certification. 

  • Having GMP quality and ISO in mind, FH Packaging is required to comply with the guidelines enforced by agencies that authorize and license the manufacturing and sale our products. After production, the inspection and testing of items is what retains our compliance with both organizations. Providing safe, trustworthy, and of good value items will support the increase of productivity while minimizing errors and waste.

We at FH have a love for ensuring that our products are reliable and high value. This also includes making sure customer needs are understood and met. Our Quality team is your support in the world of packaging greatness.

16CFR 1700.15 AND ISO 8317

GMP Quality International Good Manufacturing Practice Certification in the United States for FH Packaging by
ISO International Organization for Standardization in the United States for FH Packaging by
ASTM International American Society for Testing and Materials in the United States for FH Packaging by