SKin Care Packaging

Durable Skin Care Packaging


Our containers have a high structure of rigidity and scratch resistance.

Reusable Skin Care Packaging


Our containers have been rated 100% safe to reuse and recycle.

ISO Certified Skin Care Packaging

ISO Certified

We ensure we meet customer’s needs within regulatory requirements of product & service.

BPA Free Skin Care Packaging

BPA Free

Our Products are manufactured with Non-Toxic plastic. Free from Bisphenol A and Phthalates.

Featured Skin Care Packaging

At FH Packaging we offer a broad range of specialty packaging options for skin care supplements such as oils, creams, fragrances, balms, lotions, foams, and more. The variety of jars and different caps are sure to suit a range of style and packaging needs. When displaying your product on shelves, our closures have Child Resistant features that will keep products safe and away from children. At FH Packaging, we have been ISO certified and proudly make our products BPA Free to ensure the safety of consumers.

Browse below our various bottles and containers. Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to contact us and request a quote and we will work to the best of ability to help you.

Acrylic Bottles Set Skin Care Packaging

Acrylic Packaging

Acrylics are perfect for skin care packaging for companies who want to set their products apart from the rest! Sleek and durable, this bottle is great for packaging serums, moisturizers, foundation, and other beauty products. We offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs to ensure a multitude of options for your customers. Above all, Our Acrylic packaging comes in either a glossy black or silver cap placed atop the treatment pump. Acrylic makes a great material when you are looking for flexural strength, transparency, polishability, and UV tolerance. After that, the inner shell contains an elegant bright white PP (Polypropylene) inner shell. This solid bright white inner shell keeps contents safe and provides an excellent contrast to the glossy black lid.

Ribbed Sprayers Skin Care Packaging


In order to dispense skin care properly, our Fine Mist sprayers are a perfect for solutions such as serums and other liquids with low viscosity. Our Fine Mist sprayers make great skin care packaging with being able to dispense the proper amount of product, for consumers’ delicate skin care routines. For instance, it has a dispensing output of 14ml – 16ml per push. Our ribbed sprayers are best when held 6 inches away from the subject to deliver a wide spread of mist to the customers pores. You can pair our fine mist sprayers with any of our Cosmo Round or Boston Round Bottles to have a complete dynamic skin care package. Feel free to browse below to see more of our Skin Care Packaging containers.

Straight Sided Jar Skin Care Packaging

Glass Jars

A Straight-Sided Jar design gives our jars easy clear visibility. For instance, Its round shape allows for easy labeling and the simple visual appeal of this jar makes it a good choice for packaging a wide variety of products. In addition, Straight Sided Jars feature a wide opening with thick walls. Thick walls help with scratch resistance and rigidity, making it a durable glass container to help keep products safe. Pair these jars with our PS lined caps that help preserve products to its max potential by blocking out oxygen and keeping the product fresh.

Frosted Boston Round Bottle Skin Care Packaging

Boston Round Bottles

Boston Rounds are classic bottles in the packaging industry due to its distinctive characteristics. For instance, it has a shape with round shoulders and a round base. Glass makes a great choice for packaging due to its high clarity, it can be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, and has an extremely high resistance to heat and cold. Therefore, glass bottles are ideal for storing Cosmetics, Essential Oil, and other liquids. Having a Frosted Bottles such as the one above, not only appeals to the eye but helps block UV rays from deteriorating beneficial ingredients.


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Roll on Glass Bottles

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