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Multiple industries including cosmetics and pharmaceutical utilizes the spray coating process to create UV protection and for custom color containers. The coating process uses a dual coat method to create a protective shield around the glass to protect it from the light effects that can penetrate glass.

Specialized equipment is needed when powder coating. The main challenge is ensuring the coat adheres to the surface of the glass since there is no electrostatic attraction between the polymer and glass. A clean surface is vital to the execution of powder coating. Once the surface has been cleaned, a base coat of opaque powder is applied and heated to a gel state. The gel acts as an adhesive bond between the polymer and glass to create the topcoat which then cools to create the finished product.

FH Packaging uses a powder coating technique to add UV protection and to create custom colors for glass containers. The powder coating technique opens up the possibilities of any style of color to be applied while adding UV protection for added strength. For more information, email us at