The Best Color of Bottles for Storing Essential Oils

The Best Color Bottles To Store Essential Oils

A New Set of Wheels for Essential Oils

Whether you’re new to the world of essential oils or you’ve been dabbling in them for years. You will, at some point, realize how important the concept of storage is to this fascinating pursuit. For instance, You’ll find over time, that you use far more of some oils than others. However, that fact doesn’t necessarily mean that these oft-used oils are more important than others. In the right situation, the oil you need for that particular fix is the most important one. Therefore, finding the appropriate storage option is essential, and you just may find that cosmo round plastic bottles are the solution to any essential oil storage dilemmas you might have.

Innovation and Performance

The great thing about these versatile bottles is that they come in a variety of colors. This might seem like a trivial thing. After all, who cares what color bottle peppermint oil comes out of? The color of the bottles you choose for storing essential oils, however, matters on several levels. First, consider where you’ll be storing your oil collection. If it’s in a place where the sun will be hitting the containers, consider going with amber bottles, as UV rays might reduce the potency of some oils. If you’re storing the bottles in the dark or inside a container where they won’t see much light, feel free to employ blue, white, clear or even black or green bottles. Be aware that amber is the only UV-filtering color and plan accordingly if you plan to use one of these other colors.

Beyond Sensibility

In conclusion, you can also consider color-coding your essential oils by grouping like oils in similarly colored bottles. For instance, put all of your citrus oils in green bottles. Or, consider color-coding by function. If you use oils to induce sleep in wakeful toddlers, think about putting your lavender and vetiver in, say, blue bottles so you can know exactly where they are as you’re getting the kids ready for bed each night. There’s nothing worse than searching for the right oil and not being able to find it readily because your storage box is in disarray. So, just as essential oils have revolutionized your life, get ready to revolutionize your oil collection with cosmo round plastic bottles.

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