Top 5 Benefits of Amber Glass Jars

Top 5 Benefits of Amber Glass Jars

Top 5 Benefits of Amber Glass Jars

From beer to cosmetics, amber glass bottles and jars are a familiar sight to consumers. In fact, medicine manufacturers have been using them since the sixteenth century.

500 years on, is there still a place for amber glass jars? Absolutely. Not only are they nostalgic and well-trusted by consumers, but there are also excellent safety reasons that make them the best choice.

Whether you’re selling vitamins, cosmetics, or food, let’s take a look at why you should choose amber glass jars.

1. Amber Glass Is Inert

Glass is the ideal packaging material for a wide range of products because it is virtually inert.

They are ideal if you manufacture or distribute products such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty creams
  • Vitamins
  • Essential oils

Amber glass will protect your product. Damage can occur in three main ways:

  • Packaging material can break down and contaminate the contents
  • Sun damage
  • Breakage during transportation

Amber glass jars provide excellent protection against all three forms of damage. They are strong and durable, and as we will see, they are resistant to UV rays.

Amber glass products are also extremely resistant to heat and cold.

The inert and impermeable nature of amber glass means that you do not need to add additives to your products to protect them from deterioration. You can provide natural products to consumers and have confidence that they will arrive in good condition.

Questions persist over the safety of certain forms of plastic packaging. Many consumers are increasingly put off buying brands that use plastics. You can broaden your appeal to this group of consumers by using amber glass jars.

2. Blocks UV And Blue Light

Clear glass and some other forms of colored glass provide little if any protection against UV rays and blue light.

For example, UV light can cause unwanted changes in products like essential oils and other botanical ingredients. This is a process known as photo-oxidation.

An amber jar will absorb almost all wavelengths shorter than 450 nm. This means almost complete protection from UV rays.

Cobalt blue jars are another choice that is popular with both consumers and manufacturers. However, as attractive as it is, cobalt blue does not protect against blue light. Only amber glass can.

3. Adds Value To The Product

If you sell your product in a glass jar rather than a plastic one, you immediately add value to it.

First of all, there’s the visual appeal. For most consumers, glass is more visually appealing than plastic. They also say quality in a way that plastic never can.

Retailers love them because they look great on the shelf.

Amber glass jars are particularly evocative for consumers. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care space. Its long association with traditional, trusted products makes it a powerful tool.

Then there’s the feel of the product in your hand. Glass is extremely tactile, with its smooth, glossy surfaces and reassuringly solid.

It feels strong and durable. It gives you the sense that the product inside must be valuable to have been packaged so securely. This is particularly helpful in cosmetics, when the actual product may be very lightweight.

Amber glass is manufactured using widely available materials. This allows manufacturers to produce the best glass for an affordable price, and easily supply in bulk.

For manufacturers and distributors, they are an affordable option. A 1 oz jar starts from $0.30 per unit. A 4 oz jar is a modest $1.16.

4. Extremely Versatile

Amber glass jars are the perfect choice for a wide range of products. Its properties stop oil-based products from turning rancid. It also prevents photo-oxidization from occurring in alcohol-based products.

Choose amber glass jars for:

  • Essential oils
  • Face cream
  • Lip balm
  • Preserved food items
  • Plant extracts, such as vanilla
  • Cosmetics

The round shape and straight sides of our amber glass jars allow for easy labeling. Amp up their visual appeal with distinctive branding.

5. A Sustainable Option

Recent years have seen a seismic shift among consumers towards being more conscious of sustainability. They don’t just think about the appeal of what they buy. They consider how they will dispose of the packaging as well.

A recent report showed that 85 percent of people have changed their purchasing behavior in the last five years. They are now choosing more sustainable products. The packaging of consumer products, such as food, cosmetics, and medicines matters to people more than ever.

Amber glass is the ideal product to appeal to customers who are concerned about sustainability. It is easily and widely recycled. They won’t have to make a special trip to dispose of it.

Many people also like to hold onto their glass jars and repurpose them in the home. The Internet abounds with ideas for decorating your home using amber glass! Many people like to collect these items to make them part of a fall display.

Also, amber glass can also be made from recycled products.

Pressure is growing on companies to prove their commitment to sustainability. Using affordable, traditional amber glass products is a solid choice.

Order Amber Glass Jars Today

Amber glass jars are one of the few packaging materials on the market that connect the future and the past. Consumers find them familiar and reassuring. They are sustainable and suit a huge range of products.

At FH Packaging, we produce four standard amber glass jars, ranging from 1oz to 4oz. Both frosted and clear jars are available, and you can customize their appearance. With industrial strength glass, they provide outstanding protection for your products.

Check out our full range of amber glass jars and place your order today!

$1.16 - $1.32 / Price Per Unit
$0.34 - $0.46 / Price Per Unit
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