Top 5 Skincare Packaging Ideas You Should Consider

Top 5 Skincare Packaging Ideas You Should Consider

Top 5 Skincare Packaging Ideas You Should Consider

In 2018, the US skincare industry amassed a total of $5.6 billion in sales.

Now more than ever, people are investing in their skin. You can’t go a day without seeing ads for face washes, face masks, and pimple cream. It’s a hot topic!

Because many people are new to the skincare game, they aren’t quite sure what to buy. They look at pricing, ingredients, and advertised benefits. But they also make decisions based on a company’s packaging.

If your skincare company is looking for new packaging ideas, keep reading below. We’ve listed five skincare packaging ideas you should consider.

Things to Look For in Packaging

Before jumping straight to packaging ideas, it’s best to review what your company should be looking for when selecting skincare packaging options. You’d be surprised to know how much something as simple as packaging can affect the reputation of a brand.

Appeal and Aesthetic

We live in the age of social media and visualization. The overall appeal and aesthetic of a product’s packaging play an important role in sales. Your company should select packaging that has the ability to catch a customer’s eye as they browse a store aisle or online shop.

When selecting an aesthetic for your packaging, think about your target demographic and brand. Taking these things into consideration will help you select appropriate materials, colors, and designs.

Are you a skincare company targeting young adults? Use bright colors and exciting fonts. If you’re targeting upper-middle-class adults in their 40’s, stick with sleek and elegant packaging.


Many customers want to use companies that promote sustainability and non-waste initiatives. Choose packaging options that decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

Your company can do this by selecting glass bottles or biodegradable cardboard. Customers can reuse glass bottles when they’re finished with the product and recycle biodegradable materials.

While packaging that includes reusable materials, such as glass, is more expensive than plastic, most customers are willing to pay the extra cost to support a good cause. (It also doesn’t hurt to mention sustainability in your company’s values.)


Whether you’re deciding on affordable or luxury skincare packaging, usability is crucial. Select packaging that allows for easy, thoughtful use of the product.

When it comes to ease, select packaging options that require little to no assembly to use. Your company must also ensure the packaging is high-quality and not prone to breakage and malfunction.

Promote thoughtful use of your product in the packaging design. If you’re promoting a meditative experience when using your serums and oils, use glass droppers or roll-on bottles.

Product Ingredients

Choose packaging materials that are able to protect and withstand the ingredients of your products.

Are your products affected by light? Choose a dark brown glass container to protect the contents and ensure high-quality results.

Steer clear of metal tins if your products contain highly acidic contents. The metal may rust and react to the product.

Five Skincare Packaging Ideas

Now that you know what to look for in packaging, let’s jump into five of the best skincare packing options for your brand. You’ll also want to choose packaging that’s able to withstand high-moisture environments, such as the shower or bathroom counter.

1. Glass Bottles With Pumps

Glass bottles are reusable and safe to use with many ingredients. They also provide a sleek, clean look amongst anyone’s skincare collection.

By providing a pump, you allow for quick access during the customer’s routine. They can get all the product they need with one swift pump. Pumps work great with smooth lotions and creams.

Like handsoap, users can pump your product straight into their cupped palm or onto the back of the hand. No matter what they choose, using a pump makes their process much easier.

Your job is to guarantee the glass bottles are protected when they’re shipped. Purchase cushioning and stuffing for shipment, and always double-check the pumps work correctly.

2. Glass Bottles With Droppers

Are you wanting new packaging for your oils and serums? Use glass bottles with droppers.

Just like using glass bottles with pumps, the glass bottles and droppers are appealing to all eyes. Give a unique, eclectic feel to your brand by selecting glass bottles of different colors.

Droppers are ideal for oils and serums. Because oils and serums spread easily, a dropper gives off the right amount to prevent excess.

Glass bottles with droppers can later be repurposed as storage containers for essential oils or baking ingredients.

3. Glass Spray Bottles

If your company sells something like a calming face mist, invest in glass spray bottles. The sensation of spritzing a cooling liquid onto the skin is refreshing for many customers.

Spray bottles also allow for wider coverage than droppers and pumps and are great for whole-body skin products. These products may include calming mists or delicious body scent sprays.

Consumers can repurpose them into spray bottles for plants or refill them with essential oil room mists.

4. Bottles With Roller Balls

Small roll-on bottles are great for travel! Advertise quality skincare on the go by using this compact packaging for some of your oils and serums.

Consumers can toss glass roller containers into their purses, backpacks, or desk drawers. Refreshing your skin mid-shift has never been easier with this skincare packaging design.

If your company decides to ever extend to selling perfumes, glass roller bottles are ideal for distributing perfumes. They even make wonderful small add-ons in skincare kits.

5. Plastic Bottles

To aim for lower costs, your company may opt to use plastic bottles. Plastic is also much easier to ship because there’s a lower chance of damage than with glass.

Your company can use squeezable plastic bottles or plastic bottles with lotion pumps. Choose whatever fits best with your product’s consistency.

If your company does promote sustainability, encourage consumers to wash out and reuse their containers. They can also find a recycling site that accepts plastic.

Boost Brand Appeal With These Skincare Packaging Ideas

In the skincare and cosmetic industry, packaging plays a major role. Consider using the above 5 skincare packaging ideas for your company to boost brand appeal.

Glass bottles are sleek and promote sustainability. Plastic bottles are cheaper and easier to ship than glass containers. Whatever packaging solution you choose, select what’s best for your consumers.

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