Which Lids Go Great with Your Plastic Jars

Which Lids Go Great with Your Plastic Jars

Which Lids Go Great with Your Plastic Jars


We get many clients and customers that call in or inquire about which caps or lids to use with their Plastic Jars. Well, here at FH Packaging we want to make it as stress-free as possible for our clients to find the right packaging to them. Some who are new to the packaging industry do not know which lids/caps go great on your plastic jars. There are many general jars and lids you could pair together. There are many lids that go well with certain products that need to enclose that freshness, some just need a cover for their products. Also, What matters just as important as choosing the right lid, Is choosing the correct jar.

Choosing the correct jar might come down to what type of product it is? Do you need UV protection? What type of consistency is your product? We have many options available to our clients. We have PET Plastic Jars to enclose many types of items from creams, lotions, gels, paste, and oils. In addition, we have our PET plastic jars in many variants such as Amber, Cobalt Blue, Green, and many more. We are partnered with our parent company Wolfgang Container which manufactures plastic jars and many more plastic products. If you have a vision of creating a different type of plastic packaging, bring it to our attention to help make your visions for your product become a reality.

PET Plastic Jars

0.5 oz Clear PET Straight Sided Jar with Black Smooth Plastic Lined Cap (Set)

Before going into which lids and caps go well with our plastic jars, we have to know what PET Plastic Jars are first and what they can handle. PET stands for (Polyethylene Terephthalate)and it has a resin identification code of 1. The resin code PET is of the polyester family and has a high clarity and impact resistance. In addition, it has medium rigidity and good chemical resistance. PET jars are perfect for products such as hair-care, personal care products, and essential oils. Therefore, Avoid using PET style packaging with products that contain essentials oils greater than 5% percent and fragrance oils greater than 15% percent. If your essential oils percentage is above the recommended limit, we would highly consider using glass. 

Polypropylene Plastic Jars

60 gram 2 oz White Polypropylene Double Wall Jar

PP (Polypropylene). PP, unlike PS, is lightweight, flexible, durable, and has a high resistance to heat. In addition, it has a very high shatter-resistance rating. This helps the contents within the jar safe from breaks and shatters. Our polypropylene jars can be used with a plethora of products. In addition to giving a nice white cream holding to your products, it is great for gels, paste, creams, powders, and many more. Our White Polypropylene Jars are very popular within Cosmetic and CBD industries who utilize it for their products. Therefore, we do have the matching white cream lids to top off the smooth aesthetic look on the jar. 


Here at FH Packaging, we have a wide variety of selected closures from Polypropylene Plastic Lids, Metal Tin Lids, and luxury select lids such as Bamboo Lids. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a specific purpose in holding in aromas and longevity. Most of our lids come with our Foam Liners by default, and our premium lids do come with Pressure Sensitive Seals on them to help keep more sensitive products sealed for shelf distribution.

Here is a quick overview on each lid that can be paired with our plastic jars below.

Plastic Lids

89-400 White Smooth Skirt Lid with (PS) Pressure Sensitive Liner

Our PP lids come in many different colors, sizes, and variations such as: White, Black, Ribbed, Smooth, Text, No-Text, Child Resistant, and Non-Child Resistant. You can mix and match many of these to fit your specific preference. 

You can mix any of these lids onto a Plastic Jar of your choice. If you need any assistance as to any plastic jars and lid combo you would like to select or know more information for. You can reach any of our Account Managers within our Livechat tool, Email at customercare@fhpkg.com or call (951)-848-7680.

Metal Lids

42g Aluminum Tin Jar with Screw On Lid

Our Silver Aluminum Screw Top Cap is a brushed aluminum cap. Above all, This is a great way to set your product apart and set an appealing look to your packaging. Continuous thread caps have a single thread on the inside of the skirt. However, these typically require a full turn before the closure is properly applied. In addition, These brushed aluminum screw-top caps are foam-lined.

This aluminum Screw Top offers a scratch-resistant closure with a hard rigidity. In addition, it has very good resistance to fatigue and has an extremely high melting point. (1,221°F degrees Fahrenheit or 660.3°C degrees Celsius)

Bamboo Lids

100g Frosted Glass Cream Jar with Bamboo Lid

Our premium Bamboo Lids provide better UV protection for your product. The Bamboo Lids come with foam liner to help create a tight seal. These high-end lids are made of 100% bamboo and include a foam liner to help minimize oxygen and moisture transfer, which protects your product from environmental damage. 

Child Resistant Closures

54-400 White PP Child-Resistant Smooth Skirt Lid with PE Foam liner

Our child-resistant polypropylene caps keep your product sealed and secures away from children. Therefore, in order to open, you will need to push down and twist counterclockwise to open. It is great to enclose products safely with its airtight seal on our plastic jars. Products ranging from cosmetics to personal care products. This Child-Resistant Smooth Skirt Lid is made of polypropylene marked (PP). In addition, it has very good resistance to fatigue and has an extremely high melting point. (320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius)

Child Resistant Lids with Text Included

some of our Our Child-Resistant lids include PDT (Push Down and Turn) text instructions and a foam liner inside the lid. Above all, It helps limit exposure to oxygen, keeping products fresh longer. The liner creates an airtight seal when used properly on our plastic jars. Our lids feature a child-resistant polypropylene seal that keeps the product sealed and secures away from children. In addition, you’ll be state-compliant and protect your products’ moisture and freshness.

In addition, this ribbed plastic lid is a Child-resistant polypropylene cap that has embossed “Push Down and Turn” (PDT Text) written instructions at the top of the lid. Similarly used to label containers that may have non-child friendly contents inside. Therefore as written on top in the PDT Text Instruction, you will need to push down and twist counterclockwise to open. The ribbed sides also help make it easy to open against wet fingers.

These Lids are made of polypropylene marked (PP). In other words, it has very good resistance to fatigue and has an extremely high melting point. (320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius)

Types of Seals

Polyethylene Foam Liner

This lid includes a PE foam liner inside the cap. In other words, A PE liner is a variety of polyethylene foam liners. For instance, it is commonly referred to as poly liners. It is a flexible plastic liner specifically designed to line the inside of a glass, metal, or plastic container. An ideal general-purpose liner material, the compressible PE foam creates a stable seal. In addition, PE liners are odor resistant and pulp dust free. They also have good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, household cosmetics, and aqueous products. PE liners are not recommended for use with hydrocarbon solvents.

Pressure Sensitive Liner

This lid includes a PS liner inside the cap. In other words, A PS liner is a variety of polystyrene liners. For instance, it is commonly referred to as poly linersAn ideal general-purpose liner material, the compressible Pressure Sensitive foam creates a stable seal. In addition, Pressure-sensitive liners are odor resistant and pulp dust free. Pressure-sensitive liners are recommended to be used with powders or dry products. Pressure-sensitive liners are not recommended for use with liquid.

Pressure Sensitive liner has an adhesive coated on the foam seal and a release coating on the back that does not come in contact with the product. It adheres to either glass, metal, or plastic containers when applied and sticks to the container when the cap is removed. Once the cap is applied, it should not be removed for at least 24 hours to ensure proper adhesion. Pressure-sensitive liners have a recommended shelf life of 6-months.

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