Why Cosmo Round Bottles Are Preferred as Liquid Containers

Amber colored Cosmo Round Plastic Bottles

Packaging is a major consideration for any company. It may even be more important than the design phase and efficient manufacturing. How you package your product is what sells it. Customers visually scan a number of items, giving each of them a first-impression rating, before reaching to look more closely.

Your goal when choosing to package for your liquid products is twofold:

  1. Minimize packaging costs to maximize profit
  2. Create a visually appealing product that people want to look closer at

Often, it can feel like these two goals are at odds. The idea of cheap e-liquid packaging containers begets an image of a below-average looking product. But this isn’t true with respect to cosmo round plastic bottles. Their sleek design, tall features, and rounded edges add class to this affordable option. In addition to its look, tbd e-liquid bottles offer a number of other benefits.


Protecting the liquid from the elements is a priority. You’ve worked hard to create the perfect formula. Don’t let UV rays or air pockets degrade your product.


Whether you want plastic or glass bottles, the choices don’t stop there. Explore clear, white, black, and amber bottles to find the perfect match for your product.


When you purchase from a factory-direct online packaging store you skip the cost of a third party. This saves you money and allows you to buy in even larger quantities. In manufacturing the rule of thumb is, “the more you buy, the more you save”, so essentially you are cutting costs twice.


Many e-liquid industries have found mainstream success recently from essential oils to alternative nicotine options. As a result, the design of your bottle is more important than ever for safety. Cosmo round plastic bottles are a GEN2 design, the safest and most portable option currently available, with reinforced child safety features.

Get your product into the competitive market today. Perfect your formula, and then buy the e-liquid packaging that will save you the most upfront, and ensure your profit at the counter.

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